Cheshire SEO Review

Every business strives to reach a specific target audience to meet its objectives. In the 21st century, one must build an SEO website in the most professional manner to effectively get an ear from the rational customers. Wix and WordPress are some of the most common and standard SEO website building platforms available for any serious business ready to go to the next heights in reaching out to their audience. No website owner wants to make a mistake by pumping chunks of money into an SEO website project and only drop it a few months or years later. Here at, we are able to enhance any website for SEO, but some platforms do make it easier than others!

This article is a summary of the most important factors to point the reader towards the right direction after conducting a critical research and analysis between Wix and WordPress as the preferred engine to drive the business SEO aspirations. This is an “I wish I read this before I built my website” excerpt!

One wants to put in check the following to build a strong website foundation:

a. Platform popularity,

b. Template design,

c. Pricing, support,

d. Export,

e. Advertisement,

f. Compatibility,

g. Ease of use

While these may seem general, here is a brief on some of the facts you don’t want to ignore when deciding between WordPress and Wix as an SEO best platform;

Customization and Control

Clearly, a business would like to have total control of the website. Given a choice of two options, one would quickly pick the option that enables the web developer to be in control of the most important aspects of the website. WordPress platforms are self hosted on personal web hosts, a very important feature that lacks in Wix platform.


WordPress wins because there are already hundreds of thousands of compatible plugins and widgets that are plug and play tools to enhance the performance of the website. WordPress boasts of very powerful SEO plugins that enables easy integration with social platforms, marketing tools and e-commerce. use a variety of WordPress plugins to enhance your SEO Cheshire based business.


WordPress in general, is the industry standard. Even though it may not be the best coding system, WordPress coding outmatch most of the competing platforms. It is also liked by many programmers and PHP purists across the globe. It would be advisable to go with the option that enables getting customization easily, and cheaply.


As of March 2014, when the article is written, a quick Google search or the two platforms give the following results:

  • WordPress- 683 million search results
  • Wix- 14 million Google search results

Numbers never lie, a form of democracy that even makes one rush into decisions without being wrong. Well, the popular concept can also be based on the number of people using Wix versus the number of people using WordPress. Currently, WordPress boasts of 77 million websites while Wix has 43 million websites on its platform.

While WordPress maybe the preferred choice for SEO website, Wix is suitable for eye appeal and fascinating template designs. 43 million users have decided to stay with the appeal while another 73 million on WordPress have chosen to go with a direct SEO integrated into the website while building. Wix is a great option if you have little knowledge on building a website and just want something simple for your business. It’s ‘drag and drop’ features make it easy to design something that looks good, and is easy to do. Check out this video demonstrating how simple Wix do make it:

However, WordPress is no doubt the best platform for website SEO at the present time. The developers at WordPress have made it possible to keep up with the technology and operating environment. Through WordPress the users get all in one Search Engine Optimization integration parameters in one place. 

What platform are you on and why?